Wise Edition Dell Systems

Computers built with Wise Software in mind.
Manufacturer: Dell

Wise Software is proud to offer Dell computer solutions to our customers. We worked closely with Dell to develop options that have enough power to run The Pool Program to its full potential. Each component was carefully chosen to give our customers the the usability they need at a great price. If you need a new computer to run your Pool Program Version 7, why would you look anywhere else? These computers are optimized specifically for The Pool Program Version 7.

Wise Software now offers software installation to your new Wise Edition Dell. Your new computer will be shipped to Wise Software, we will install and configure your edition of The Pool Program Version 7 then ship it to you ready to plug in and go! We can even setup multiple computers to run The Pool Program Version 7: Network Edition. If you need more then one new system configured, please contact Wise Software at 661-266-9181 for a quote.

Note: These packages do not include the purchase of The Pool Program. You must be a licenced user of The Pool Program for installation to be performed.

Wise Edition Dell Systems Essential
Dell Latitude Wise Edition
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Wise Edition Dell Systems Business
Dell OptiPlex Wise Edition
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Wise Edition Dell Systems Enterprise
Dell Precision Wise Edition
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